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About MIB Hospital

MIB hospital is a multi specialty health care center uniquely positioned at the intersection of big corporate hospitals and private clinics, providing best facilities and technology of a corporate hospital and personal touch and value services of a private clinic. The hospital inherits three decades long profound experience of excellence in patient treatment and care from its founder Dr. Rajesh Bhatt. The health care center provides primary and secondary treatment and care through its six major departments of excellence...

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MIB & You - The MIB Edge

When You feel Better, You heal Better

Comfort & You

Each room with its unique theme and scientific design is aimed to enhance patient healing.

Hospital construct is built to address all the physical and psychological needs of patients.

Excellence & You

Organ and disease wise treatment and care enables dedicated team of specialists and staff to build a focused and customized treatment plan for each individual patient.

Personal Care & You

Our staff undergoes soft skill training to be empathetic to patient needs and address the health needs of patients with utmost personal care.

Peace & You

Seamless admission, discharge and other transactions.

Transparent and fast billing.


Dedicated Specialists & best-in-class Technology at your service


We Aspire, they Admire

MIB at a Glance

MIB & You